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Ice Melter

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  • 20kg bags
    MAXIMUM® Ice & Snow Melter
      MAXIMUM® Ice and Snow Melter This blended de-icer and is packed with powerful ice melting agents. Maximum® combines environmental benefits with effective low temperature performance, down...

  • NATURAL CHOICE Eco-Friendly Ice Melter
    NATURAL CHOICE Eco-Friendly Ice Melter
      NATURAL CHOICE™ Eco-Friendly Ice Melter  ● All-Natural product with unique ORGANIC ADDITIVE for increased performance ● Visible Green Marker assists in proper application to reduce environmental...

  • 20kg bags
      Safe-T-Salt® (20 kg bags) Melts ice and snow and is suitable for home and industrial use.  Sprinkle on steps, walks, drives, etc.  Safe-T-Salt® removes ice and snow the easiest possible...